The Object of War

War is a violent act of one state over another. Nations are torn apart, cultures lost, communities shattered. Through war, the course of human history is altered. Memories, objects, stories, tradition, culture, victories and losses all become part of that history and human experience, passed down from generation to generation. Some are documented and some are not.

The Object of War is about the undocumented stories of conflict, both physical and emotional. Stories and objects that show us what it means to be at war, to be displaced; nations, tradition and culture torn apart. Our stories are told through the experiences of those most affected, caught in the endless political pursuit of power.

As we continue to document, we collaborate with humanitarian agencies to fundraise, with news organisations to spread awareness, and where possible we use our work to influence policy makers around the world. 

Our work in the next 12 months will focus on Palestinian cultural identity through the memories of a nation both at home and in diaspora. 

The Object of War is a joint project between photographers Annie Sakkab and Celia Peterson.   

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